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  • Jewelry Layering in Five Easy Steps

    Mastering the art of jewelry layering can feel a little daunting. You want it look effortless yet pristine at the same time. It’s so easy to put the same necklace on day in day out (we’re all guilty of it!). I mean we’re busy becoming #bossladies, and we all have our favorite "go to" pieces. How... View Post
  • Quick Tips For Self Care

    A big goal for me this year has been to stress less and practicing better self care. Sure, I go to the doctor, take my vitamins, and wear sunscreen....but I'm talking about going beyond the basics and actually being kind to yourself. When I first started hearing about self care, I honestly thoug... View Post
  • Golden Globes Inspired Cocktails

    With the Golden Globes just around the corner, I wanted to share some fun nominee themed cocktails to celebrate in style. Whether you're headed to a viewing party or just snuggling in at home to watch, these cocktails will have everyone raining their glasses.  A Star Is Born- Gaga Highball This i... View Post