• How To Organize Your Jewelry

    At the shop, I always get questions about the best way to organize jewelry so it doesn't get tangled or damaged...or just forgotten about. I probably untangle about at least a half dozen necklaces a week, which is the result of improper storage.  So I decided to "comb the web" and put together so... View Post
  • It's Festival Season! So Here Are Our Top 5 Boho Styles and How to Wear Them

    We love festivals and the flowy, feminine styles that come along with it. Since Coachella starts this weekend, I though it was the perfect time to share some great accessories, and ways to pull them off and look stylish at any age.   1.  Chokers There's a way to wear this trend without feeling li... View Post
  • We're Looking for Bloggers and Tastemakers

    I want to share all of our beautiful new jewelry designs with everyone!  But to do this, we need to lovely, stylish people like you. Do you love Instagram, fashion, and taking photos? If so, lets talk!  We want to accessorize you in exchange for awesome pictures we can use on our social media. If... View Post